About This Blog

I started my blog, rather spontaneously, because I was an incredibly secretive person who needed a way to tell her family what was going on inside her heart in the midst of a divorce. Now, more honest then I ever thought I could be, I find myself mostly rambling. But it has changed my life.



§ 3 Responses to About This Blog

  • sarah helen says:

    i’m ainsley’s friend. i read your blog.
    i could connect with everything you said. we’ve met before.
    i think you’re amazing, poetic, and strong. poetic in a non cliche sense.
    because the regular way makes me want to vomit.
    man—really–i wanna write you a letter like i would write to oprah.
    i’m really fucking impressed. and i feel a little like i need to put up my “i don’t know you” facade. but i know so much about you. and i know what a beautiful person you are. and i don’t know if you know about me. but i know pain too.
    and your words bring to the surface the things i can’t think about on my own or say—but need to feel sometimes for my sanity.
    anyway—she says you’re maybe writing a book….thus far i think it’s more than probable that millions of tweens, high schoolers, hipsters, cutters, moms, overweight trailer park aunts, and eccentric, tattooed grandmothers would read said book and feel all the things i felt.
    most importantly akin to you, your struggle, and your spirit.
    you intimidate me. but i think we should be friends one day. preferably before you are too important. i would like to be part of the infrastructure.
    me me me. that’s my thing. 🙂
    just really tho we don’t have to be anything…i am really kidding about all that….but i just wanted you to know i sincerely was moved deeply by what you wrote. and not just because i know your situation or ainsley. really.

  • sarah helen says:

    ok. but you can delete that. because i don’t know about this thing. and i thought it was a message. so…sorry.

  • Why hello miss thang! i didn’t know you had a blog, but yes yes you do! I love you, think you are f’in rad.. and even more hilerous! i enjoy you! thanks for sharing yourself with us

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