One Hundred and Twenty Three

May 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

Day 123

To Self,

Here is that moment, where you must choose. Do you keep going through the sludgy thick stuff, despite the headaches, even with the rain falling gently outside and the thick linens holding you tightly in bed? This is that moment you thought you were ready for. All of the preparation – “I can do it… I can do it! I can do it!!!” – could amount to a lot of wasted motivation if you fail to pick yourself up and carry on.

Maybe you didn’t think it would be this difficult. Or were you in denial with what you knew would inevitably come your way? No one is exempt from ups and downs, the highs and lows. Life goes your way until you realize it; then comes that big decision. Do you keep going on, no matter what is required, no matter which way life sways?

Option 2: Stay in bed. And wait. But like past attempts this will disprove itself an option which produces satisfactory results. For no amount of bed covers can hide the truth. Endless amounts of rest will not provide the answer you need. And alas, motivation won’t lift you off of that bed anymore than willpower.

The long, seemingly shaky bridge is ahead. Cross it or give up. And did not I already explain that to give up (i.e. roll around in your sweaty sheets) stands as no option? So get up! Get up I say! Cross the bridge, make that decision to forge ahead. It won’t take perfect vision to see, that when you are halfway across and on your way, you will be in a much better place than now. And for that you will thank me.


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