One Hundred and Twenty Two

May 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

Day 122

What will you do when all of your money is gone? Wallow by the river with your last handful of pennies. Wade in the cool water as reality starts to sink in. Skip rocks while contemplating your next move. When you see a small toad hop by, ask him what you should do. You can only hide for so long. The grass will feel less comfortable with each moment, and you will probably shiver from the cold, damp bottoms of your pants that sit heavily rolled up below your knees. If the sun leaves on a good note toss your last handful of pennies into the river and let go of the worth you thought they would give you.

What will you do when you lose the one you love? Look out over the city from your mountain top seat. Hang your head and your heart low as you look down on all of the buildings below. With each inhalation of fresh air, imagine your new life. When a nearby bird scolds you from his treetop perch; remember you are only human. Sooner or later you will have to take the trek down from that mountain. Eventually you will have to come to terms with the life down below. It is bound to get cold up there at night so with haste you head back to your reality.

What do you do when your position in life is no longer valued? Take a long walk down an old dusty path as you question your validity. Cry in secret as the wind blows through the trees. Kick up the earth when you feel crushed. When a small rabbit hops out in front of you don’t become angry. Let her see your tears and remind you that you are not out of sight forever. When you turn back to head home, remember that you are not heading back to the person you used to be. But you must at least try to get back on track.

You cannot hide forever.


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