One Hundred and Nineteen

April 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

Day 119

In regards to Shock-and-Awe:

I do not regard offensiveness as an appropriate means to change someone else’s beliefs or coerce them into being more open-minded. Offense can be an unintentional (although still questionably inappropriate) byproduct of other means of demonstrating one’s beliefs. But offending someone for the purpose of getting your point across, making an unforgettable statement, or attempting to change someone’s views makes the offense your main tool and offending your central goal. The motive of being yourself and enjoying the freedom to do so becomes a plot to make others more like you, taking away their freedom, by way of force. Offensiveness uses manipulation whereas doing something like say, wearing a goth style outfit into a conservative religious establishment solely because that is what you like to wear, doesn’t require a power trip but rather self confidence. You may be aware that certain people in that religious establishment will look down on you or disapprove or make erroneous judgments, but that does not mean you intend to offend or upset them. If you walk into that same situation but wearing that same outfit for the sole purpose of irritating people as a means to get them to question their ideas or own self expression through fashion, than you are doing so on twisted grounds. Whether by clothing or words or other such ways one is intending to irritate and offend, onlookers will most likely miss the offender’s “true” intention only making the initial cause even more difficult to achieve by others. Those that have a “hidden” desire to offend typically have much more deep-seeded issues than any onlooker could probably figure out. Those pioneering a cause or expressing a freedom with respect for others become disheartened when some of their own become bitter and feel the need for more forceful tactics and impure motives. As one walks into a new arena of freedom and passion may they not push away those who are in so much need of feeling their very own freedom, those who have yet to understand what lies beyond the mundane. Let us with love, and not offense, demonstrate our expressions.


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