One Hundred and Seven

April 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

Day 107

Yes, in answer to your question, it fades away. Like a thick fog setting in, you will lose sight of what you left behind. One evening, walking down your path, you will look back, and you will have to squint to see down that old dirt road. The trees will hide the old clearing; the forest will make you feel safe, and you will gaze up and thank the stars. When the wind blows it will smell like spring. The scents and the memories and the ill feelings will disperse. The wind will catch you up in a whirl, you will smile. It will not be as if it never happened, but it will be much better. A new dawn will come one day as you crawl out of bed, and your feet will hit the floor instead of your heart. You will laugh a little more, and when no one is looking you will skip down the path. Freedom will have a newer meaning, and bike rides along the lake will remind you of how much better off you are now. The butterflies will reappear, the roar of the waves will resume their performance, and color will return to the sky’s pale cheeks. In the evening dreams will dance over your head. All of your fears will have vanished. No, in answer to your question, you will never forget. But you will be set free. Forgiveness will become your dearest companion, and your own mistakes small stepping stones. You will dance in a field of daisies and stop to smell the roses. When you reflect, you will only see the good times; great memories will be tied to your heart and you’ll be grateful. Whatever it came down to does not define you. Yes, it’s confusing; no, they will never understand. And trust me, you will be okay. More than.


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