March 23, 2012 § 1 Comment

Day 83.

Insecurity has got to be some sort of ingenious evil. Those unknowingly gripped by its feeble but deceiving power believe they are eternally trapped, doomed to live hopeless to its quiet lies. While not all of its victims suffer by way of accidently stumbling upon the trap (many were probably thrown into it by the hands of another’s ill word), most are still giving into the evil force by not taking a stand to choose otherwise. “Ah, it cannot be that simple,” some might say, and I would like to argue that those who disagree are forgetting the supreme resiliency that is the human being. Without giving much thought a human would jump from a fiery building; the “fight or flight” response takes immediate action at the first sign of danger. But when stuffed in a box that is burning our very own individuality, our unique ideas, our ability to speak loud and clear, or the glorious freedom to express ourselves, we tend to stay in that box hoping that its flames will burn down the walls for us. I am pretty certain that no matter how long we sit and wait, the evil will not take itself down. We cannot wait for others to stop judging or talking; we must learn to let that go. We must be the change, the ones that love so well others can share their individuality and unique ideas, speak loud and clear, and express themselves with glorious freedom. Little do I help to uplift the supreme resiliency of the human being if I dress how I please but judge the fashion of others. How can I expect to foster an atmosphere where I am welcome to share my mind if I am not willing to open mindedly listen to the other views in the room? I have to first be the one who stops talking about others behind their back, I have to first encourage everyone in my path, before I have the right to stomp and scream about the ingenious evil that is insecurity. The Mennonite woman, the man in camouflage, the girl who was crazy some 15 years ago – they deserve my respect before I think they should not judge me by my tattoos or red pants or my particular mannerisms. We all help spark the flames of insecurity. We all have the choice to stand in freedom. We are all required to love. Insecurity is not as powerful of an evil as we tend to give it credit. Let us overcome it once and for all and find the harmony we are all so desperate for.


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