March 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

Day 81.

Dear Ma’am,

It was brought to my attention today, as I flipped through all of the colorful clothing on the thrift store rack, that you and I share not only the same size but also the exact same fashion taste. While browsing the medium – large blouse section I imagined what you must have been like. Surely you were outgoing, fashionable, and ahead of your time. Judging by the bright red, polyester top with flared sleeves or the navy blue, short sleeve blouse with white embroidered anchor on the tiny, chest pocket the height of your fashionista days fell somewhere in the early to mid 70’s. When I tried on the red polyester top I realized you were not afraid to show off your figure. The navy blue blouse, with only two white buttons hitting the middle of my stomach, was surprisingly lower cut than I expected – now I know that you were not as conservative as I previously thought.

I am sorry that you went through a heavier phase (yeah, I found the bright yellow, short sleeve, button-up shirt at the end of the “large” section), but don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. Unfortunately, I am just coming down from my unhealthy season, so I left the yellow shirt hanging for someone else to enjoy. I did, however, find the bright red, spring coat you left for me! Fits like a glove! Don’t worry about the missing button, I can easily replace it!

Other shoppers would have probably never realized all of the wonderful articles of clothing I bought today used to all belong to you, but I am smarter than most. In this small town it is rare to find so many well kept vintage pieces in one thrift store in one day. It was also easy to figure out due to the consistency of exceptional colors and interesting textures. Thanks to the Salvation Army and its half-off sale, I almost felt like I was stealing from you! Know that I am deeply grateful for your donation!

Because of you I am ready for the upcoming summer season in an ever bright and cheerful way! Today as I left the store with an armful of bright new clothing, I brimmed from ear to ear. You have made my day, and I hope that as you watched from your castle in the sky you were smiling just as big as me, knowing that your beautiful clothing lives on.




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