March 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

Day 78.

Sunday – Nap day, shoe shopping day, sewing day. Sunday really is a great day. And in the event that you are staying at your parents’ wonderful home in the middle of nowhere, during an unusually warm spring, Sunday becomes one of the best days. Maybe the only thing that could make today better would be an ice cream sundae or a bag of Australian licorice.

I couldn’t fall asleep during my nap today. The couch was comfortable and the ever quiet Pride and Prejudice was on T.V. I was tired, but my eyes would not stay closed. I finished off the movie while working on some embroidery. As I stitched, I found my mind drifting off to my own personal version of Pride and Prejudice. I thought about the different men that my parents could have married me off to by now.

The embroidery project didn’t take long so I browsed for shoes online. I scrolled through the pages of durable and expensive outdoor shoes. I looked for something to replace my heels for the times when I felt like tromping through mud. Thousands to choose from, yet I couldn’t find the right pair. I looked until my eyelids became droopy and I was too tired to continue.

It’s that kind of Sunday. Too relaxed to feel motivated, but too tired to properly enjoy it, I am now just wishing I had an ice cream sundae or a bag of Australian licorice. But I don’t, and I am in the middle of the woods, a significant jaunt away from places that could supply said sweets. So instead I sit in front of the open window. I feel the cool breeze against my bare toes. I breathe in deeply as each wave overtakes the room. I watch the lace curtains sway gently about. Before long I am at perfect peace – a wonderful spot between relaxed and asleep. No longer thinking about sugar or courtship or unsatisfactory shoe shopping, I am back to enjoying Sunday, in the most perfect sort of way.


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