March 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

Day 73.

The snow banks that were up to my knees yesterday can now barely reach my ankles. The edges of the banks have receded revealing faded and incredibly soggy grass. A thin stream has formed, flowing from the higher part of the property down to the tapped maple trees. The noise of the little stream is ten times better than any desktop, plug-in waterfall sold in stores to soothe the senses. I stand and listen for a moment while the sky becomes dark, and dad checks a few jugs of sap.

The unusually early spring has never been so welcomed. The popular, summer ice-cream stand was open today, and even though it was only in the mid-fifties I watched as a man walked down the sidewalk in shorts and flip-flops. Even the great lake seemed to celebrate with its dark teal-blue color beckoning everyone outside. The employee at the food co-op told me I looked “very spring-like”; maybe it was because everyone around us was wearing earth tones while I wore bubblegum pink, but I mostly think she said it because we are all in the spring mood.

Syrup is boiling on the stove, the sweet smell filling the house, and I am overjoyed by spring in the Upper Peninsula. I look forward to tomorrow; the warmer temperatures, the melting snow, and watching the grass quickly turn an invigorating shade of green. And this is only the beginning of my new life in Michigan.


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