March 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

Day 69.

No sap today. It was too cold. Nothing runs on cold days apparently, not even inspiration. Hoping that coffee would give me the kick I needed, I had an extra cup. And waited. I watched colorful music videos from the late 1980’s. And waited. But nothing worked, so I stayed cozy in my leopard print pajamas well into the afternoon. I finally stepped into the shower at 3pm. The hot water couldn’t warm me up; the sun streaming through the windows was deceiving. Eventually I slipped on my leopard print shoes and headed out the door.

Today was that kind of day where people say things like, “its crazy times,” but you are not sure if that means you should jump ship or row faster. Today was that kind of day where people ask me questions but intentionally leave out the question marks; the type of day were people stealthily try to coerce me with manipulation, but I feel unbothered. It was that sort of day where I am unmoved, but not in a bad way.

When I did get out of the house today, I was freezing. I sat in the restaurant, thawing while I gazed at the evening sun pouring into the old building. I tried not to get too excited. So I waited. The ebb and flow of life is always a wondrous thing. We cannot move it, it moves us. There is no point in trying to collect sap if the sap ain’t runnin’. And that can mean, on cold days like today, you do a lot of waiting.


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