February 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

Day 60.

On this lazy, snowstorm of a day I seem to lack much of anything to say. Possibly my thoughts’ biggest threat has been the all day viewing of a new favorite television series. While I sat in front of the large, flat screen all of my cares seemed to drift away as I took on the story of a fictional family’s existence. The joys and struggles, the ups and downs, and a different era’s design kept my glued to the couch. I felt with each character as they declared their love or were betrayed by someone close. I was sucked into the relationships and hardships while the snow outside quickly piled up, and the sky went from grey to black.

As I sat on the edge of the couch I nervously watched the season come to an end. Left without answers but a great amount of emotion, I turned on the kitchen lights and proceeded to slowly ease myself back into reality. I sat down to an unusually late dinner and my real life. No longer did I have the companionship of a good-natured cook or three scheming sisters. I sat at the table alone, and my brain was forced to work again; it was time for me to think.

It has been some time since I finished dinner, but my head is still attempting to catch up. Nearly past my bedtime and I am barely pulled away from the drama I spent so much time in front of. The clock keeps ticking late into the night, and I realize there is little point in trying to accomplish anything now. Picking at the chipped polish on my nails I sigh. I long to go back to that fictional world, but instead I will just head to bed.


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