February 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

Day 53.

Last night as I crawled into bed I wondered if it was possible to eat too many paczkis. The delicious, golden treats had been hastily enjoyed before Fat Tuesday’s end, and I laid under my covers thinking that too much of a good thing is not always a bad thing…as long as I woke up.

This morning as my eyes opened I felt a bit relieved. I was alive, however, my sugar levels seemed to have drastically dropped, and my craving for yet another paczki was in full swing. Figuring it wouldn’t be a fair experiment unless I ate the last two paczkis waiting patiently in their bakery box, I quickly wrote off Lent as a religious event and decided Fat Wednesday was a more reasonable idea.

I limited my sugar intake the rest of the day, not wanting to push my luck. While the caloric amounts from my two Fat Days may have minor repercussions in the long run, let’s be honest, sometimes too much of a good thing is a really good thing.

Tomorrow will be Skinny Thursday. The day I spend balled up in a corner, shaking from sugar withdrawals, the day I spend dreaming of paczkis and the good ol’ fat days. Tomorrow as I eat my lean proteins and raw vegetables I will wonder – must all good things come to an end? But this answer is a bit easier to figure out… because tomorrow I would like to still fit into my pants.


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