February 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

Day 49.

Dear Cute Guy,

I am not sure if you have noticed me yet. I am the one in the corner periodically glancing your way. I don’t think we have ever met before, but can I just say, I really like your hair. Actually, can I take that back? What I meant to say is – I really like your shirt…or something. Please don’t look too closely at my hands – had I known I was going to see a handsome man tonight I would have painted my nails. Also, I would have scheduled a hair appointment last week, but really, what can I do about that now but keep running my hands through it?

Okay, so you’re still not looking at me, but I am pretty sure you have realized I am here. Unless you are just trying to catch a glimpse out of the window next to me, you have figured out I exist. You look like the type of guy that plays guitar. Typically I like drummers, but you have tattoos so I’ll let it slide. Speaking of tattoos, have you noticed mine yet?

Well, anyways, it is getting late, and you are putting on your jacket. I would follow you out the door, but now it’s just getting creepy.




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