February 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

Day 37.

I cannot deny the beauty and power of community. As I start to plan my move to the big city I am becoming more aware of the small town community that I will be leaving. I sat in a coffee shop today marveling at the trust that hung heavy in the room. I placed my laptop and jacket on a chair that sat facing the center of a circle of seats and took a place in line for coffee. A quiet man was reading on his computer and sipping his beverage as the man and woman across from him discussed photography. Shortly after I sat down and turned on my computer, two other men joined the circle. Our unintentional group was formed.

People came and went from the group during the two hours I was there. However, the trust and friendliness never ceased. Comments and introductions were made – especially among the loudest, most talkative members of the group. I had never met anyone in that small section of seats before, yet knew they were not anybody to be afraid of. Names were dropped, local businesses were mentioned, and I stay silent and smiled at the simplicity of it all.

The sun was still working its way up into the sky as I emailed my resume and checked apartment listings. I have big plans for life in the big city. I cannot wait to be back in my favorite coffee shops – the plethora of exceptional coffee served in interestingly decorated little shops seems to be available in each of Chicago’s many unique neighborhoods. People work and play on their laptops, most of the time with their headphones on, and conversation is rarely exchanged. I would never dream of leaving my belongings on a chair – trust is rare. So I cannot help but start to miss this lovely town I will be leaving – with its lack of marvelous coffee shops but its wonderful group of people, and the community that has blossomed from it all.


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