January 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

Day 28.

There is, to me, not much more a disappointing thing than to go through a “moose crossing” area and not see a moose. But that was towards the end of my road trip, in between my pit stop for the ultra sweet gas station “cappuccino” and the part where it started to snow. It was somewhere around the time that I was listening to Jamiroquai.

I like taking road trips by myself. Today I went from Illinois to Michigan. It was somewhere around the first half hour of the trip when I got a bit turned around in the Chicago suburbs. It all sort of looks the same out there – Walgreens, Target, Jimmy John’s, Walgreens, Target, Jimmy John’s – however I must have missed a hidden country road in there somewhere, and ended up circling the small town lake. Around this time Kelly Clarkson’s new hit “Stronger” came on. I sang really loudly – mostly because that is what I do when on a road trip by myself, but also because the lyrics “what doesn’t kill ya makes ya stronger, stand a little taller, doesn’t mean I’m lonely when I’m alone” seemed to really hit home halfway around that lake.

The trip from then on went smoothly as the right song seemed to come on at every perfect time. If I wasn’t eating pita chips or chugging Arizona iced tea or listening to Pantera (which was somewhere in the rolling farmlands of Wisconsin) I was singing. The skyline of Milwaukee mingling with the sounds of The Black Keys inspired me to keep driving. By the time I had hit northern Wisconsin I was tired of singing, my driving leg was cramping, and a caffeine headache was creeping in. I looked at the empty seat next to me wishing I had a companion. As if God was smiling upon me I turned on the radio at that moment to hear the Freebird guitar solo, and I was reminded that everything was just as it should be.

But I didn’t see a moose. I saw a closed thrift store called “Stan’s Second Hand Shope” (yes, one “P”), I saw ice fishermen on a frozen lake, I heard many great songs on the radio, but I did not see a moose. Now home, after watching a Weezer concert on T.V. I head to bed, still a bit disappointed, but looking forward to the next trip, the next song, and the next moose crossing.


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