January 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

Day 23.

The heavy, wet snow sat in a thick pile atop the thin tree branches. With every single branch covered the forest outside my window looked like a frigidly divine place. The branches stayed motionless; with each additional snowflake they looked as if they would snap off. The white trees seemed to go on eternally against the grey sky. I was awed by the beauty as I peered from underneath my cozy bedding. The wintery scene beckoned me outside; eventually I got out of bed but only to sit by the woodstove.

The warmth of the house kept me inside for the majority of the day. Outside the snow continued to fall, but I felt safe and sound on the sofa. I longed to put on my Levi snow pants and mismatched mittens and climb into the snow banks without fear of cold toes. I wanted to stick my tongue out and catch the soggy flakes. I imagined making snow angels and packing up snow balls. I vowed that when I was done sipping my coffee, when the flames in the woodstove had died down, or after I took a hot shower I would suit up and head out.

The morning turned into afternoon; then the afternoon got later. It continued to snow lightly; the heavy branches finally began to give way, and as the wind shook them the snow fell down in big chunks. It looked like nothing I had seen before, yet I knew I had witnessed it quietly from the windows many times in my past – always too lazy or too busy or too comfortable to get out of the house and experience the winter wonderland first hand. But today was different. I could not resist the lure of the snow so as I finished my cup of coffee and took a long shower I warmed my snow pants and boots by the woodstove. Once bundled up I scooped up my nephews and headed out.

Time seemed to stop as we played in the snow. I made snowballs and crawled through the untouched layer of heavy snow across the front yard. I made two snow angels and even ate some snow. I caught fluffy flakes on the tip of my tongue as I stared up at the grey sky. I did not mind when I got too warm underneath my down jacket or when snow found its way inside of my gloves. Before I knew it, it had stopped snowing and the children and I had to return to the house for the evening. I was soaking wet but still a bit bummed that my time outside was over. The fresh air felt good in my lungs for quite some time after, my cheeks stayed flushed during dinner, and I could not stop wishing I had left the safety of my home and stepped outside much earlier.


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