January 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

Day 19.

In a cold land of ice and snow, there once lived two young brothers named Oranges McGee and Scooter. Each boy was very different and smart in his own way despite being born on the same day! Not only did Oranges McGee and Scooter share a birthday but they also both had very great red hair. A lot of the time they had to wear fuzzy, warm hats that their Gaga (grandma) made to keep their ears warm. The fuzzy hats covered their red hair, and made them look like elves (but in a good way).

Everyone loved Oranges McGee and Scooter, and not just because they smiled a lot and picked up their toys when their Mama asked them to. Oranges McGee was a great dancer and knew all the cool dance moves. Daily he would put on a show. It was difficult to get a front row seat to his show, but if you were lucky enough to get such a seat you were in for a real treat! Occasionally he would allow the audience members to dance on the stage with him (especially if he needed help with his break dancing). When Oranges McGee wasn’t dancing he was an avid “gamer”. Accomplishing the banana puzzle and the color game on his Gaga’s iPhone at an early age, most of his friends were certain he would grow up to be a genius. He was also very good at turning electronic things on and off – like his Papa’s t.v. or his Auntie Mamie’s stereo.

Scooter was the best little cleaner anyone had ever met! When he turned on the vacuum at an early age everyone knew they would never have to worry if they spilled their Cheerios when he was around. Scooter was always willing to help in any way! His attention to detail was significantly more amazing than anyone else of his age, and he clearly took care of everyone that he loved, especially Oranges McGee. Sometimes Scooter would spend an hour preparing food for baby dolls; when Oliver The Kitty and Marley The Woof-Woof heard him cooking they would be the first to line up for some of his delicious food. Most of Scooter’s friends knew he would grow up to be a genius!

Scooter and Oranges McGee were very brave and would sometimes climb things as tall as mountains – such as their Papa’s entertainment center! One of their favorite things to do was wrestle with their Daddy and they always won! Not only were they both brave, but they were both kind! Every time Scooter and Oranges McGee were around everyone was very happy, even their Auntie Mimi who had little patience for most kids and would sometimes get very crabby. But Scooter and Oranges McGee were not like any other boys in the whole entire world, and Auntie Mimi knew that and loved them very much!


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