January 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

Day 13.

Once upon a time there was a girl who just didn’t know what to do. Her life had brought her to a most relaxing place in the middle of the woods. At night she would listen to the roaring lake; in the morning she would run with her dog in the fluffy, fresh snow. She ate wonderful meals of homemade bread and maple cream, garden vegetables, and the loveliest of cherry wines. Some afternoons she would eat too much and then fall peacefully asleep on the couch while the woodstove’s fire crackled close by. Usually at the end of the week she would accompany her parents to a Friday Night Fish fry; white fish caught locally made her smile as did the local brews and time with her parents. With nowhere to be she looked forward to life-halting snow storms. To keep herself occupied she would make mental lists of things to do, but rarely did she ever accomplish anything. And such was her peaceful life, until she remembered she could not stay on vacation forever.

Most mornings the girl would wake up from a frenzied dream. Her mind would be spinning as she would reach for her phone to check the time. She blamed the crazy dreams on sleeping too long. Not one to like to wake after nine, she was sure that was the problem. Later in the day she would think about the dreams – they always took place in Chicago, in neighborhoods she had lived in before. She was looking for a home in these dreams, walking fast and breathing hard. There was always a deadline, and she never met it. In the afternoons when she thought on these dreams she would get confused. Was she ready to go back to the city she loved, or should she wait just a little bit longer?

Sometimes while thinking about these things she would get a wild notion to travel – maybe Argentina or Paris or Canada she thought. Or maybe she should stay in Michigan, hauling wood for her father and shoveling snow. It was in these moments that she realized just how great all of her options were; she was inspired and excited in her newfound freedom. Daylight would then fade on these ideas, and the evening would take her into something new. Eventually the girl would decide that it was okay to not know what to do.


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