January 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

Day 11.

At the beginning of the week I ate a most delectable snowball. Not the frozen, rolled up ice from my yard, but rather the kind made up of soft, white cake surrounding the cream filled center, covered in glorious frosting and rolled in coconut. While I have quite an unending sweet tooth, as of late I have learned to control my sugar intake. Post-sofa shopping with my mom on a wintery afternoon put us in route to the local bakery. My 16oz of black coffee was barely enough to hold hands with the sweet bites as they went down my throat. I relished nearly the whole thing before vowing with sticky fingers that it would be quite some time before I longed for that much sugar again. Maybe it is the incoming snow storm or my increased vacation appetite or the late hour of the night, but I could really go for one of those snowballs right about now.

They say all good things must come to an end. But they never say good things will not come back. With my craving for sweets I will no doubt again find some lovely baked treat in my hands, but for a brief moment, as my last bite of snowball was swallowed I did believe that all good things must (must, must, must)come to an end. Now as I sit here, watching reruns of Oprah’s new show (see, she didn’t end either!)I am wishing for another snowball. If it were not for the approaching storm, and the fact that the bakery has new hours (which do not include this “ungodly” one) I would probably be eating one…and proving that even though good things must end it does not mean they cannot return.

And it is not just with snowballs or other tasty goods, but with friends and loved ones, with lovely moments, and happiness. A month ago I said goodbye to best friends and California’s mild weather feeling as if the good things were ending and I was walking into a dreary hole to wait for the next round. Being in Michigan has been way more than a dreary hole! I have come back to a home I thought I would never stay in again for this long of a period. Since my stay began I have had the most unexpected pleasure of spending time with high school friends and reconnecting with loved ones that I never knew I would ever again talk to. As my time in Michigan comes to an end I will pack up for Chicago – another good place that I thought had come to an end years ago.

Maybe tomorrow I will brave the storm and travel 20 minutes to that rustic bakery for another plump and sugary snowball. Maybe I won’t. But it sure is reassuring to know that all good things usually return.


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