January 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

Day 6.

For some time now I have had a bittersweet, yet totally fulfilling affair with hairspray. This morning (or should I say, this afternoon) I awoke to find my hair in a most unusual mound upon my head. As I lightly touched it (for fear of waking it) my hand was stopped by the impenetrable, thin layer of what could best be described as “shellac”. The prior day’s waves were stacking poetically on the right side of my head; the left resembling more of a wimpy Christmas tree with the leftover pieces of short blonde hair sporadically sticking out every which way. By the end of my first cup of coffee me tresses had relaxed a bit as if to yawn lazily at the noon sun. When it came time for me to prepare for my day I skipped the hair washing and instead re-styled with another moderate dose of spray. I spent the day feeling as if I resembled a sassy lady from an early 90’s soap opera. And I wasn’t ashamed.

This hairspray obsession has little to do with being a control freak and probably more with being a child of the 80’s. Self expression, whether inspired by the era we grew up in or a beloved product or a rebellious nature, is something that I could never go a day without. Besides being able to show off our tattoos behind the counter of a Starbucks, we Americans are otherwise free to express ourselves however we choose. No one dictates how we must style our hair or tells us what clothing to wear. It is in that freedom that eye shadow becomes the paint on a canvas, styles of shoes becomes the melody in our every step; people that would otherwise not be termed artists are now the masters of a most unique creation.

I have low expectations for tomorrow morning’s (er, afternoon’s) bleached out, chopped up, mop atop my head that is my current canvas of choice. Tomorrow the slate will be wiped clean as a mighty handful of shampoo will be enlisted to help with my next design. I will use a small dollop of goop, 4 crop-dustings of hairspray, and all of my inspiration. Because I can, and I am not ashamed.


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