January 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

Day 5.

The snow has stopped falling, but the brilliance does not cease. When the moon comes up the white ground glistens as if flecked with the finest glitter. I am awed at the sight and wonder how I had missed it all of these years. Growing older (returning home, getting a second chance, etc) means getting to see things sparkle that you have missed in the past. It also means watching things fade. The seasons of life immensely affect our perspective.

I enjoy the opportunity to scan through my past; January usually being one of the best times to search through the prior year’s adventures, learned experiences, and oops’s. Hindsight is one of the greatest teachers, usually causing me to vow that I will never make that mistake again or sometimes just making me chuckle over my own stupidity. I am almost always left wondering how I missed the little beauties, how I let myself walk right over them all the time fretting about something much less important.

As life would have it, I am walking around in this cold and now crusty snow thinking about the people that have mysteriously popped back into my life in the past few weeks. It seems to be a common theme that the cracks would widen a bit and former friends and loved ones would slink out of them provoking me to look back. During my reflections I stumble upon a broken heart, memories of a deep connection shared over many games of air hockey, splendid friendships that I had never thought would fade away.

Over the course of a few days the old relationship slowly evolves into something new – a better version of the friendship and a gentle reminder that the past is never as far behind us as we thought. Apologies are said, the catching up is had, and I watch as the new old friend slips back into the cracks. I promise myself not to make the same mistakes on the next person then I allow for a moment of excuse-making banter between my heart and my mind. Like the falling snow, things settle, the moon comes out, and I see things in a different light.

In a couple of months the snow will melt uncovering a new season and again a fresh start. I will watch as the trees bud, the earth erupts with a new harvest, and the birds hurriedly assemble their nests. Hopefully I will see things I have never before noticed, the earth revealing the small things that make it so magnificent, those treasures that hold the lessons of life and love.


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