Adventures In… ch.58

October 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Adventures In…

Friday Evenings.

It is that time of the week when the music gets precariously loud and the nearly empty bottle of wine magically evolves into a microphone. (Hash tag – “freeconcert”.) I cannot say that the family living below me anticipates Fridays at 6pm as much as I do, but it doesn’t hurt to pretend that they do. The pretty silk blouses fly around my bedroom, and I totter around on mismatched heels. Bottles of nail polish are militantly lined up along the bathroom counter; like a rainbow their colors signify a weekend promising to be full of fun.

Weeklong Stress meet Weekend Freedom. It is that moment when anything seems possible, and the next couple of days are but a gloriously blank canvas of possibility. Overloaded Mind meet Rock n’ Roll. The atmosphere in the U.S. becomes an East-to-West wave of liberty as the Nine to Fivers’ nationwide take a sigh of relief. And for a couple of hours, as we ride a brief but exuberant second wind, the week seems obsolete and the weekend never-ending.

Eventually the wave starts to crash, the wine makes me sleepy, and I start to feel a little bad for making the neighbors listen to my try to rap Kanye West’s “Gold Digger”. So I throw on a pair of vertically striped running shorts from at least 3 decades ago, the tag reading “Winning Stripes”, thank the Great Lord that I am single and childless, and head out the door to meet up with some friends. And while I sleepily nurse a beer and study the chipped nails that never got a fresh coat of polish, everything comes together – the accomplishments of my day job, the weighty significance of my relationships, the To-Do lists and the Dreams list.

The week accumulates into a heavy thump as I fall into bed on Friday night. I fall asleep thinking back to when I was 16 and believed that being an adult meant being able to dye my hair pink and piercing my nose. However, adulthood isn’t that simple (or bad @$$). Instead, it is the great matchup of responsibility and freedom – working 9-5 but staying up way past bedtime, not consuming too much alcohol but singing into the empty bottle, respecting neighbors but playing the music “too loud” (yeah, it’s possible – it is an adult skill…one that the guy next door has yet to learn *ahem*).

Friday evening – when life comes together to celebrate the week’s ends and the weekend’s beginning, when the music gets louder and the party begins, when pink hair again seems like a completely rational idea.


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