Adventures In… ch.55

September 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

Adventures in…


I recently found the most idyllic oceanfront condo for rent. It has hardwood floors, floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the water, and a deck that spans its entire length. It is set in a town three hours west of where I am currently residing, in a small town that boasts a wonderful little restaurant with superb clam chowder. I would need five people to live with me in order to make it affordable…and I don’t like living with roommates.

I am considering all of my moving options. Come November my sister will move into her newlywed townhome, and I will be here in our 2nd story ghost town apartment. Staying here would be the easiest option. I currently sleep on a futon in part of the living room, so once my sister leaves I will be left with two empty bedrooms. Staying here would probably be the loneliest option.

Nothing is striking my fancy -not a specific city or state, or cottage, or high rise. So despite all anxiousness within me, I am going to wait. I am not a waiter. I am a doer, someone who thrives off of excitement and newness and exploring new places. But alas, I am going to wait. I will sit here and enjoy the mangos and the avocados and all other sorts of glorious pleasantries this great state has to offer.

Yesterday, in a decided mindset to seek out and enjoy all great things Californian, I headed to the hot springs in the northern part of the state. In a town of very few people and a name I cannot recall, my friend and I headed off of the main road down a steep and bumpy path. We met a Rastafarian, caught one-too-many glimpses of a wandering nudist, and marveled at the dancing butterflies. We covered ourselves in mud, lay out on the smooth rocks, washed off in the frigid, rushing river, and closed our eyes as we relaxed in the small hot spring pool. I lost track of time and forgot all about moving away and stirring up adventure and chasing dreams. For there I was, simply living in an adventure far greater than I could have ever planned.

Some hours later, in a dazed state, we hiked back to my vehicle and started the short but tricky drive along the narrow trail through the woods. After much trial and error, we figured out how to engage the 4-wheel drive and triumphantly maneuver up the “impossible”, steep, rutty slope. Our feminine spirits were elated as we made it back onto pavement. We had conquered what seemed to be a burley man’s job; my inner redneck could never have been more proud. Our time spent at the heavenly, outdoor “spa” followed by one of the most exhilarating off-roading experiences was exactly what my heart was longing for.

I could go on and on about learning the timeless lesson of making the best with what I have, but it is more than that. The allure of the condo on the ocean is magical because it is a dream. It is a dream that contains a distant land, the ocean, and a view. For me it is an unchartered lifestyle that I have yet to live. So I count my pennies, and the small handful of friends I could endure living with, and for a minute or two conjure up one of my crazy plans. One of these days, one of these plans is just going to work out. It will be a thrilling venture.

Until that time I will continue to wait. Our little apartment is slowly melting away as I downsize my belongings; empty boxes start to tower in my ever-emptying bedroom, but I try my best to overlook them. Yesterday’s adventure will hold me over until next weekend. Each week will follow just so, exploring new places, conjuring up new dreams, and creating a journey out of the mundane. All of that will keep me patient as I wait for the next big thing. However, yesterday I learned it is not about the view from the dream, but the scenery and adventure all along the way.


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