Adventures In… ch.52

July 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

Adventures In…

The River Trail.

Sometimes I open my eyes only to realize I am walking along the river. The butterflies flittering from one side of the trail to the other, plump blackberries hidden amidst the greenest of leaves in town – it’s a moment of bliss. The sun feels warm and nurturing as the breeze gently whisks away the droplets of sweat. And I cannot but help to close my eyes in reverence of the moment and its Creator.

These blissful moments are easy to come by when I am walking along the river. All time stops. For five miles it is just me and the sleepy sun. I choose music to constrict my thoughts; however, the rushing river is always welcomed if my headphones aren’t handy.

There aren’t any mirrors on the trail or television commercials or magazine ads. It is almost as if for that short time in my day I am completely lost in what life is really about. I can hear myself think, I am aware of my posture, and instead of crossing things off of my calendar or making lists I just walk.

If it has been a bad enough day I jog. I let the pent up emotions push me faster and farther. (I am usually in my best shape when things are at their worst.) 100 degrees doesn’t deter me, nor does it stop that woman from running in her sunbonnet and scarf, or the young man I saw jogging in boxer briefs and flip flops. I haven’t decided what is more amusing – the old, leather-brown man rollerblading in nothing by black spandex shorts or the young girl roller skating in hot-pink tights and black knee-high socks. For brief seconds the river trail gets colorful, but most of the time it is all mine.

And when it is quiet and no one is looking, or if it’s too hot and I am just too tired, I stop along the trail and eat blackberries. The whole time I feel lost, but in the best possible way. Lost in my thoughts, lost in God, lost in nature, lost in the diversity of people; it is usually at that point when my eyes seem to close.

Tonight I chose not to go to the river trail because it is really hot outside, and I feel weighed down by a big lunch. I had other things to do after work and figured I would relax later at home. But as I sit on the couch, my feet up and the A.C. blasting, I cannot help but wish that when I open my eyes I will be on that trail.


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