Once Upon A Time Ch. 3

April 4, 2011 § 1 Comment

Chapter 3

    The curtains swayed in the breeze, allowing for slivers of sunshine to sneak past. The open windows, the long awaited sunshine, the melodic whistling of the birds- spring had finally arrived. The little hope she had clung to all winter long seemed to be nearing its last breath as she perched herself in the path of the warm breeze.

    On this easy Saturday she was hesitant to take off the comfort of her pink pajamas. Getting out of her pajamas meant going for her dreams; it meant taking advantage of the fresh, warm air, it meant climbing out from the place she had hibernated in all winter long and letting that last little bit of hope out into the open.

    Eventually she sipped the last drop of her lukewarm coffee and went for a walk along the river. The sun rested comfortably on her skin, and when she wasn’t distracted with the rushing flow of water her mind sifted through her theories on relationships and the men that had much effect on those theories. She felt it was good to break her own rules, to step outside of her box, to try new things, but until this day she was unaware of where her rules and that little box had come from.

    What is love between a man and woman supposed to look like? What is compatibility and the bond of soul mates supposed to feel like? Was there more out there then what she had felt in the past? Previously feeling so smart, she now wondered where to begin. What did she want relationship to look like?

    She wanted it to look like Saturday trips to the flea market, cooking dinner together, canoeing down a river, and really quiet nights with dim lighting and crossword puzzles or scrabble. Her new ideas of relationship flowed just as quickly as the cold water at her side. And she let them flow. She didn’t try to scoop them up in a jar or take notes for later contemplation. It was in that moment that she started to let go of any preconceived ideas, of any comparisons, of any theories that had her choosing “the right way”, “the right type”, or “the right combination”.

    And as she continued to stroll she realized this was exactly what spring was supposed to feel like.


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