Once Upon A Time Ch.2

March 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

Chapter 2

She wore a different pair of slippers today, however the sky was still grey and her mood just the same. To keep her mind off of the loneliness she turned up the bluegrass and donned her pink apron. The white, vintage measuring cups were used to portion out large amounts of sugar and flour, the mixer working fervently to produce a fluffy yellow batter. The leftover lemons were tossed into a glass of water and while she took a break to take a sip she considered her life.

It was as if she was naturally inclined to an old-fashioned sort of life. Sundays meant slow cookers and church and maybe a football game droning on in the background. It didn’t mean crossword puzzles or embroidery projects, those were Mondays. And so it went, day after day, week after week, a perfectly quaint life with no one to share it with.

Finding a man to fit into her world of home cooked meals and quiet weekend afternoons seemed like a simple thing to achieve, but this day in age, it was harder then she could have realized. While sipping her lemon water she went through her mental list of “manly must-haves” that the next man in her life must possess.

Manly Must-Haves

  1. The know-how to unclog tub and sink drains.
  2. A love for big trucks, big tires, and off- roading.
  3. Leadership skills that remain firm in trying times.
  4. A healthy appetite.
  5. A love for nature and the outdoors.

And the list went on and on. On and on it went, every Sunday, as she folded the flour into the batter. Each weekend the oven warmed her small home, and she displayed the tasty creations on brightly colored platters. She baked to learn, she baked to create, she baked with the hope that someday she would be baking for someone else.







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