Thoughts On… ch.30

December 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

Thoughts On…


Ode to glitter and the big tree outside, to my heart and that hat; it is the way the world looks when I am not looking but simply paying attention. It is not just about another grand sunset or a baby’s first breath. The glory awaits wide eyes. Open your mind and the truth of beauty will be too apparent to pass by. Do not get me wrong, the finest orchestra holds its place with the angels, but have you noticed that laugh, the laugh of your favorite person, the wrinkles around their eyes, the excitement as they catch their breath? Have you tasted a garden fresh green bean cooked just right? Have you felt your body jump from the inside out as that band played that certain song, the drum making your heart beat faster, the notes making your eyes gently close in reverence? In reverence! Deep within inspiration is the longing to get closer, to feel more deeply, to expand and grasp and grow. The color of teal makes me want to move and that song, that song makes me feel almost smarter. A vat is opened and I cannot refrain from reaching in and taking hold. That music video, where they ride their bikes in the street, the colors, the costumes, how can I sit still any longer? “You said my outfit ‘inspired’ you…what do you mean?” I mean…I mean… I want to be greater! I want to discover this new page, this new scene, this new realm of glory! It is fascination; my fascination of your outfit, my wonder for your thoughts, the longing to know your inspiration! Your inspiration! And once again I fall in reverence! There is something more to what we see! There is something more to what we think we grasp, something more to the “whys” and the “how’s” and the “because I felt like its”. Tell me what had you wear that hat with that jacket and I will tell you that you were looking at an aspect of the glory that I have yet to behold. And you, you my friend who wore that jacket, you carried that glory around. You tree, bearing dark brown leaves in a shade unimaginable, you have shown me a side of grace previously undiscovered. This whole place seeps with an essence, a greatness of love, a love that knows no bounds. It rises all around. Have you not caught a whiff of ethereal perfume? Have you not seen the man’s eyes peer over his pipe in that black and white photo? Did you not hear the crescendo of the rain as it came down? It is not about being a genius or an artist; it is not about being in the right place at the right time. Wake up, while the covers are still over your lazy limbs, realize you are in the presence of greatness; know that there is a glory beyond comprehension all around you; in anticipation it awaits to show you more. Maybe play your favorite song on repeat, but do not think too hard. Sit next to an artist as they edit their photo’s or sip a great tea as you witness a group of elderly men play round after round of chess. See how he moves from table to table, how he waddles around in that little blue hat, his eyes sparkling all along? Notice the way you feel when you hear him speak with excitement? Soak it in. You are a witness to something greater than imaginable. Glitter and the color of that dark yellow yarn, the beat of the drums and the outfit she wore yesterday, a warehouse full of antiques and the smell of a hot latte, the fascination and the wonder and the inspiration, it is the sight and the sound and the feel of glory. Open eyes to a wondrous experience in grace.


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