Thoughts On… ch.27

November 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

Thoughts On…

A Perfect Combination.

I like songs and I like boys. And I am pretty certain that the day I find both the perfect song and the perfect boy I will have nothing more to say. I don’t speak of “perfect” as in spotless, but there is definitely some sort of movie scene quality I am imagining that moment to contain. Every now and then I catch myself thinking I am in one of those scenes. But more like an amateur indie flick these scenes end up to be tiresome and forced. The male character tends to say something quite regrettable or I find myself some days later trying to fake a feeling.

There have only been a couple of these tragic cases and in retrospect none worth digging up now. So I will start at the beginning, the beginning of a new friendship. This one happens to be a more interesting case, and not just because of his fascination for Harry Potter or the fact that he plays some sort of punk music in his bright blue car. This certain boy happened to approach me in what was way more manly then my movie scene daydreams could have predicted. But that’s not the beginning.

It was a cold Friday night, the kind that warrants a scarf. I went to church and not long after sitting down I noticed someone with beautiful eyes and an interesting hat a few seats away. He was with his mom, and situations as such have not worked out for me in the past – mostly in part because moms usually go to church with their young (emphasis on “young”) sons. That really happened to me, but not on this Friday night (to which begged the next question and the creation of the unused pick-up line “Um…that is your mom right?”).

On the following Sunday this certain boy ended up some seats away from me again. And on Sunday I got kind of nervous. With much fear and negativity from past experiences I wrote off the idea of introducing myself . But like I mentioned earlier, this boy was a man.

A while back I found myself asking “where have all the manly men gone?” and in that question was a lot of frustration. But on this certain Sunday I was approached by such a man. And I knew he was such because he approached me. That was last Sunday; a different Sunday then today’s quiet one. For this man lives some hours away. Cue melodramatic indie music.


Or maybe after a typical game of 20 questions and a short day trip to walk a busy street with this man I realize the scene might just be starting. And while I will be the last to get romantic and I hate to over dramatize a good friendship, on this quiet Sunday I am listening to that perfect song.


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